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AWS + Auth0 Immersion Day Webinar

About this webinar

AWS Immersion Day Workshop: Implement Multi-factor Authentication in React using Auth0 and AWS Amplify

About this Workshop: In this virtual workshop you can learn how to integrate a React Single-Page Application (SPA) with Auth0 and deploy it to AWS using AWS Amplify. Auth0 will provide your React application with an authentication service that supports multi-factor authentication. AWS Amplify will allow you to quickly build, deploy, and host your React application on the cloud with AWS.

What you’ll learn:

  • Auth0 Identity management capabilities and AWS Amplify
  • What is Multifactor Authentication and why it's important
  • How to integrate a React application with Auth0 and MFA
  • How to build, deploy and host a Single SPA into the AWS Cloud with AWS Amplify


  • James Quick, Sr. Developer Advocate Engineer at Auth0
  • Roy Rodan, Solutions Architect at AWS
  • Tony Song, Sr. ISV Partner Success Architect at AWS

Who should attend: Engineers, developers, solution architects, tech leads, DevOps, information security, technical project, and program managers.

Before you Join/Prerequisites This workshop requires familiarity with React. You should also have the following software set up in your local machine:

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