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Better together. Easily build, customize, and extend all of your identity needs on AWS.

Auth0 and AWS Collaboration

Auth0 is an Advanced Technology Partner that delivers prebuilt and supported integrations with AWS services such as AWS IAM, Amazon Cognito, and Amazon EventBridge. These integrations accelerate development timelines, as well as deliver increased value to our mutual customers.

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How Auth0 Identity works with your AWS Application

The combination of Auth0 and AWS offers real benefits for developers and teams. With AWS, you can have a powerful and scalable infrastructure to support your desired application workloads. With Auth0, you can have an identity architecture that scales with your application to meet your IAM needs.

By incorporating Auth0 as the identity provider for your AWS hosted application, you can:

  • Help your customers better secure their credentials: Add MFA to your application, and even define the specific points required to reduce friction during your authentication process

  • Add enterprise identity support to your B2B application: Easily federate your application with customer identity providers using SAML or OIDC

  • Learn more about your users: Add progressive profiling to your application to capture additional pieces of information about a user

  • Be database agnostic: Continue to use your existing user database or migrate your user information to Auth0

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IAM & Mitigating Risk

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Customers that trust Auth0 on AWS

George Torres, Director of Engineering, Headspace

“By leveraging the Auth0 technology, our engineering team was able to focus more on building user value while reducing our costs. Account scraping was now offloaded to our new partner, saving us weeks of time in incident fighting."

George Torres, Director of Engineering, Headspace

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